Resources to Help You Quit

Quitting tobacco can be hard. Whether you are starting your first quit journey, have made multiple attempts or want to support Military Service members during their quit, our resources can help. Even if you’re not ready to quit today, there are still resources that can answer your questions, increase your confidence and motivation and—when you’re ready—help you create a quit plan. Whatever stage you are in, we have resources for you:

  • 24/7 Quit Tobacco Live Chat: See that little yellow bar in the bottom-right corner of the screen? That’s our 24/7 Live Chat. Click on the bar and start typing to speak with coaches who can provide information, techniques and encouragement to help you quit tobacco.
  • SmokefreeMIL: Sign up for this text message support program. Get advice and tips on how to quit and stay quit 24/7 for up to eight weeks.
    • Sign up by texting MIL to 47848 and answer a few questions, such as your quit date, age, gender, state, smoking frequency and if your phone has Internet.
    • Along with the daily encouragement, you can also text certain words to 47848 and get a reply:
      • Text “NicFit” when you have a bad craving and need a reminder of why not to pick up the cigarette.
      • Text “Tense” if you need a positive message sent your way.
      • Text “Lapse” if you use a cigarette and need some extra encouragement to get back on track.
  • Materials: Check out fact sheets, posters and handouts on tobacco-related topics such as e-cigarettes, health impacts of tobacco use and more. Use these materials to help you during your quit or share them with your fellow Military Service members trying to quit tobacco.
    Social Media: Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to share your quit story, connect with other Military Service members trying to quit and find helpful tips to help you quit tobacco. 

Last Updated 1/30/2019