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Congratulations! You've made it to quit day: the first day of the rest of your tobacco free life.

People handle quit day differently. This could depend on their personality, situation, or even method of quitting, including the use of medicines, counseling, or the support of a quitting buddy.

The days just after you quit smoking or chewing can be trying. The habit that kept you company first thing in the morning, after meals, before bed, while drinking or socializing, or during times of boredom suddenly isn't there anymore. And while quitting itself is stressful, the habit that helped you cope with the stress of life’s everyday problems is no longer there, either!

When you’re finding it most difficult to stay tobacco free, remembering the benefits of quitting can give you some needed inspiration. It also helps to know some positive ways to deal with nicotine withdrawal and triggers that would normally send you straight for a smoke or chew.

Ultimately, you’ll find lots of things to like about being tobacco free. It will be easier to enjoy physical activities; you won’t be limited by the need for smoking breaks; your senses of smell and taste will revive; you’ll save money; and, perhaps most important, you’ll be making a big health improvement in your life when you ditch the harmful effects of smoking and chewing.

Last Updated 1/2/2018