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Cessation Resources

Looking to spruce up your stop-smoking program? Try adding some of our unique features to promote tobacco cessation and help quitters as they take on the challenge. Whether your target audience is contemplating quitting or already in the process, they can use our tools to develop their own plan, answer important questions, and be fully prepared to successfully quit tobacco.
  • Five A’s
    The quintessential Five A’s of counseling patients to stop smoking and chewing tobacco. Nurses, doctors, dentists, physician’s assistants, and other healthcare providers and educators alike have an opportunity to promote smoking cessation because they have access to smokers who come to them for both routine and preventive care as well as specific guidance on health issues.
  • Educate Patients
    Knowledge is the key, and our site has a wealth of resources to help your clients understand the quitting process and the harmful effects of smoking and chewing, as well as valuable ideas on how they can stay positive to stay quit.
  • Recommend Live Help
    Clients can’t always reach you on the phone or make every meeting, but our Live Chat cessation coaches are available anytime 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to help your clients in need. They can privately answer questions and provide support for anyone quitting or contemplating quitting.
  • Medication Information
    We all know that the combination of professional support and medication can make a huge impact on the success rates of those who are quitting smoking or chewing tobacco, and our medication section will help your clients understand the newest options available to them.
  • Savings Calculator
    Quitting not only means a healthier lifestyle and longer life but also saving money spent on tobacco products. Here your clients can add up the cash they save by quitting and realize how much sense it really makes!

Last Updated 1/2/2018