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Emergency Procedures in Place for Hurricane Michael
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Health & Wellness

Learn how TRICARE can help you live a healthier life.

Families and Friends

When someone you care about is trying to quit smoking and chewing tobacco, there is so much you can do to help. This information will answer your questions and prepare you to be ready to provide support when the time is right. Remember, as the spouse, relative or friend of someone quitting, the more support you can provide the greater their chances of success will be. You can make a huge impact in the success of their commitment to be tobacco free!
  • Be a Quit Buddy—Learn how important you are in your loved one’s struggle with tobacco and how you can make an enormous impact in his or her effort to quit.
  • Frequently Asked Questions—Do you have tough questions about tobacco and its effect on your loved one's life? Take a look at some frequently asked questions to learn more, and ask us your own question if it hasn't been answered for you. 

Last Updated 5/23/2018