Getting Help

Signs of Possible Substance Abuse

  • Giving up past activities such as sports, homework, or hanging out with friends
  • Declining grades
  • Aggressiveness and irritability, feeling run down, hopeless, depressed, or even suicidal
  • Paraphernalia such as baggies, small boxes, pipes, and rolling paper
  • Getting drunk or high on drugs on a regular basis
  • Lying, particularly about using alcohol or other drugs
  • Avoiding friends or family to get drunk or high
  • Planning drinking in advance, hiding alcohol or drinking, or using other drugs alone
  • Having to drink more to get the same high
  • Believing you need to drink or use other drugs to have fun
  • Frequent hangovers
  • Pressuring others to drink or use other drugs
  • Taking risks, including sexual risks
  • Having “blackouts” (forgetting what you did the night before)
  • Constantly talking about drinking or using other drugs
  • Getting in trouble with the law
  • Drinking and driving
  • Suspension from school or work
Holidays and weekends are often full of fun activities. But they can also be dangerous. When planning and enjoying your after-hours activities:
  • remember the effects of alcohol or prescription drugs
  • identify the risks associated with impairment while participating
  • make responsible decisions

Last Updated 12/21/2022