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TRICARE Tools to Help You Learn About Your Benefit


Your health care benefit gives you and your family security in knowing you can receive health care when you need it. TRICARE provides several tools to make sure you understand your health plan, whether you have one of the basic TRICARE plans or transitional health care coverage.

One great option for TRICARE information is TRICARE TV videos on YouTube. These short, monthly videos discuss a specific aspect of the TRICARE benefit. Once on TRICARE’s YouTube page, you can access all the videos on the playlist. You can also subscribe to receive notifications when a new video is posted.

In addition to news articles, we have a weekly audio podcast that recaps the week’s news and highlights relevant military health observances.

Monthly webinars provide an opportunity for you to speak directly to TRICARE experts. Subject matter experts present and take questions at the end of their presentations. Webinars, like TRICARE TV episodes, typically address one aspect of the benefit per session. You can sign up for upcoming webinars on the Military OneSource website and also watch prior webinars on their archives page. 

All of these resources are on TRICARE’s Media Center. You can also interact and get daily news and information on TRICARE’s social media pages, FacebookTwitter and Google+.

For more in depth information, fact sheets give highly detailed information about specific parts of the benefit and are available for download on the TRICARE SMART site.

Learning about your benefit ensures you understand it and the best ways to get care. If you’re not sure where to start, you can always begin on the TRICARE website.

Last Updated 2/17/2017