You don't have to re-enroll every year to continue TRICARE Select coverage, but certain events will cause you to be disenrolled.

    Sponsor Status Change

    Any change in the sponsor's status (e.g., active duty to retired, Guard/Reserve deactivation) will cause an automatic disenrollment. If you're still eligible for TRICARE Select after the status change, you can:

    Voluntary Disenrollment

    • Active duty service members can't disenroll from TRICARE Select.
    • All others can choose to disenroll at anytime, but may be "locked out" from re-enrolling until the next open enrollment season.

    To disenroll from TRICARE Select:

    1. Log into the Beneficiary Web Enrollment website or download your region’s disenrollment form:


    2. Complete the Sections I and III of the form. In Section I:
      • Check the box for “Disenroll”
      • Add the effective date in #9
      • Skip #10
    3. Mail the form to your regional contactor (address are on the forms). 

    Loss of Eligibility

    If you lose eligibility for TRICARE, your TRICARE Select coverage will automatically end.  

    Last Updated 10/4/2018