TRICARE Reserve Select

You may choose to end your coverage at any time. Take the following actions to end your coverage:

  1. Log on to the Beneficiary Web Enrollment and follow the instructions to "Disenroll"
  2. Complete the Reserve Component Health Coverage Request Form (DD Form 2896-1)
  3. Print and mail your completed form to your regional contractor.

A 12-month purchase lockout will apply, which means you will not be able to purchase TRICARE Reserve Select again for up to one year. Certain events could cause you to be involuntarily disenrolled. >>Learn More 

Don't Just Stop Making Payments

If you don't follow the correct steps to end your coverage and you simply stop making premium payments, your coverage will be suspended. However, you're still responsible for any premium amounts that are due prior to the date your coverage officially ended.

Last Updated 11/29/2019