Service Point of Contact

Your Service Point of Contact (SPOC):

  • Reviews requests for specialty and inpatient care to determine how it might affect your fitness-for-duty.
  • Decides if you will get care at a military hospital or clinic or from a civilian provider.

The SPOC will make this determination based on current service-specific guidelines and clinical standards and will ensure your medical care related to your fitness-for-duty is covered. If the SPOC determines there is no impact on fitness-for-duty, he or she will refer you to a civilian specialist for the care.

  • Department of Defense SPOCs (Army, Air Force, Navy, & Marine Corps) are located at the Military Medical Support Office (MMSO) at Defense Health Agency, Great Lakes.
  • U.S. Public Health Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration SPOCs are located at the Medical Affairs Branch of the Office of Commissioned Corps Support Services.
  • U.S. Coast Guard personnel should call the Coast Guard Benefits Line.

Last Updated 5/5/2022