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Filling Prescriptions

You can get your prescriptions filled at any of the military pharmacies at our San Antonio market facilities:

Prescription Refills

For refills, you can call the central pharmacy refill number or online.

If you have a prescription from a civilian provider, ask your doctor to send their prescription to one of our military pharmacies via Electronic Prescribing (E-Prescribing). 

Questions & Answers

If I call in a refill, when can I pick it up?

You’ll get a specific day and time when your prescription is ready when you call in the refill.

How long do you hold my prescription?

Prescriptions are held for 7 business days. If you can’t pick up your prescription, please call the site where you selected to pick it up so it’s not returned to stock.

What do I do if I run out of refills?

You can send your provider a secure message or call the clinic you’re assigned to.

If I’m getting a prescription filled at a civilian pharmacy, can I transfer it to one of the area military pharmacies? 

Yes! Call us at 1-210-292-9995. We will contact the civilian pharmacy to transfer your prescriptions to any of our military pharmacies—whichever works best for you.  We need three business days to complete a prescription transfer. Another option is to switch to home delivery.

Last Updated 12/21/2016

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Refill prescriptions:

  • Call the refill phone system at 1-800-469-7170 or
  • Online: Army or Air Force

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