TRICARE Open Season

Did You Miss the 2018 TRICARE Open Season? 

If you missed TRICARE Open Season, you still have time to act.

  • For this year only, you have until Dec. 31, 2018 to enroll in a new plan or make changes to your enrollment (e.g., switch from individual to family enrollment).
  • Beginning Jan. 1, 2019, you can only enroll or make changes during Open Season or after a Qualifying Life Event (QLE), as outlined below.

Did you intend to enroll in a FEDVIP dental or vision plan, but missed the Federal Benefits Open Season for reasons beyond your control? Visit to see what options are available to you.

What is TRICARE Open Season?

TRICARE Open Season is the annual period when you can enroll in or change your health plan for the next year. It occurs each fall, beginning on the Monday of the second full week in November to the Monday of the second full week in December. During TRICARE Open Season, you can:

  • Enroll in a new TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Select plan
  • Change your enrollment (e.g., from individual to family)

If you are happy with your current TRICARE health plan, you don't have to take any action to stay enrolled.

Making Enrollment Changes Outside of Open Season 

Outside of TRICARE Open Season, you can enroll in or change enrollment to TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Select following a Qualifying Life Event (QLE).

A QLE is a certain change in your life, such as marriage, birth of a child, or retirement from active duty, which may mean different TRICARE options are available to you. A TRICARE QLE opens a 90-day period for you to make eligible enrollment changes. A QLE for one family member means all family members may make enrollment changes. To learn more, visit

Outside of the Federal Benefits Open Season, you may only make changes to your existing FEDVIP plan if you experience a FEDVIP QLE. Remember, FEDVIP QLEs may be different from the TRICARE QLEs.

Last Updated 12/11/2018