Get Refills

It's important to get your refills on time, so you won't have a break in your treatment. If you're taking a medicine regularly, we make it easy for you.

Military Pharmacy Refills

  • Each military pharmacy may have its own prescription refill process.
  • Check with the pharmacy for specific details.
  • If you're a registered user on the TOL Patient Portal or MHS GENESIS, you may be able to manage your prescription refills online.

Network Pharmacy Refills

  • Each network pharmacy has its own prescription refill process.
  • Check with your pharmacy for details.

Home Delivery Refills

You can order prescription refills online, by phone, or by mail. You can also set up auto-refills, but you’ll need to approve them in your account before your drugs are dispensed.

  • Visit
  • Sign in or activate your online account. This will make future visits fast and easy.
  • With your online account, you can:
    • Order refills
    • Check your order status
    • Get help with cost-effective choices
    • Look up general information about prescription drugs and health conditions
By Phone
  • Call 1-877-363-1303
  • Have this information ready:
    • Your sponsor's ID number
    • Your prescription number
    • Credit card
By Mail 

When you got your first prescription, Express Scripts included a Prescription Refill form. Fill out this form and mail to:

Express Scripts, Inc.
P.O. Box 52150
Phoenix, AZ 85072-2150

Also include:

  • Your prescription number on the form.
  • Your payment. If you already have a credit card on file, your card will be billed automatically.

Switch Retail Prescriptions to Home Delivery

If you're not already using the TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery for your maintenance drugsAny drug you take regularly for a chronic condition., now is the time to switch.

Home delivery is safe and easy to use. You can even use it when you're traveling or if you move.

  • Get up to a 90-day supply for most prescription drugs
  • Request refills by mail, phone, or online
  • Recommended for prescriptions you take regularly

Switch your prescriptions from network pharmacies to Home Delivery. There are several easy ways to switch to home delivery:

  • Online
  • e-Prescribe. Your provider can submit prescriptions directly to Express Scripts through the electronic medical record at:
    Express Scripts Home Delivery Pharmacy
    4600 North Hanley Road
    St. Louis, MO 63134
  • Mobile App
    >>Download the app for Android
    >>Download the app for Apple
  • Phone: 1-877-363-1433
  • Mail the completed Home Delivery Order Form to:
    Express Scripts, Inc.
    P.O. Box 52150
    Phoenix, AZ 85072-2150

Your first shipment will usually arrive within 2 weeks. And, refills are easy.

Last Updated 4/28/2023