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Covered Services

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including health, dental, and pharmacy.

Home Delivery Checklist

We deliver more than 97% of prescriptions filled through home delivery in less than a week. 

Sometimes your prescription can’t be filled because we need clarification. In these cases, Express Scripts will contact you or your provider. 

  • Return the call within two business days
  • If you don't, Express Scripts will send you a letter explaining why the prescription wasn’t filled. 

To avoid problems, you can:

  • Ask your provider to e-prescribe your prescription drugs. Electronic prescriptions are less likely to have missing or unreadable items.
  • Clearly write your name, sponsor ID number, and birthdate on the back of the prescription if you fill it by mail.
  • If Express Scripts calls you, call them back within two business days. Customer service staff is available 24/7.

Non-Covered Drugs

When a drug isn’t covered by TRICARE, Express Scripts will send you a letter and return your prescription.

If you're not sure if your prescription is covered, you can:

If you feel there is an error with your prescription return or denial, call 1-877-363-1303 to speak to a Patient Care Advocate.

Last Updated 4/5/2016

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