Quantity Limits

Some prescription drugs have quantity limits to make sure they are used safely. This means you can only get a limited amount each time you get your prescription filled.  We may make an exception if your provider can establish medical necessity. 

Quantity limits vary by type of pharmacy:

  • Military Pharmacy: up to a 90-day supply
  • Home Delivery: up to a 90-day supply
  • Network Pharmacy: up to a 30-day supply

You can look up quantity limits for your prescription drugs.

Need more than a 30-day supply?

For most prescription drugs, you can get more than a 30-day supply at a network pharmacy.  Just pay an additional cost shareClick to closeA percentage of the total cost of a covered health care service that you pay. for each 30-day supply (for up to a 90-day supply). For example:

  • up to 30-day supply = 1 cost share
  • 31-60 days supply = 2 cost shares
  • 61-90 days supply = 3 cost shares 

Do you want to save money and still get a 90-day supply? >>Switch to Home Delivery

Last Updated 3/23/2016