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Find a Dentist

You may visit any licensed dentist for treatment. Delta Dental offers a dentist network

If you see a network dentist, they:

  • Agree to pre-negotiated fees
  • Will submit all paperwork and claims for you

You can see non-network dentists, but:

  • You may be billed the full cost
  • You must pay your cost share, plus the difference between Delta Dental's allowance and the amount charged by the non-network dentist
  • You may have to file your own claims

Overseas Dentists

Delta Dental doesn’t have a dentist network overseas. To find a dentist overseas, call Delta Dental's international dentist referral service.

  • From inside the U.S., call toll-free 1-888-558-2705
  • From outside the U.S., call collect 1-312-356-5971

These dentists don't have a contract or affiliation with Delta Dental. >>Learn More about Overseas Care

Last Updated 4/4/2016

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Overseas: (AT&T USADirect Access Number) + 866-721-8737

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