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Plan Options

The TRICARE Dental Program has two options:

  • Single (one person)
  • Family (two or more people)

If you choose a family plan, all eligible family members must enroll except:

  • Children under age one. If you have a family plan, your children will be automatically on the family plan on the first day of the month after they reach age one
  • Family members living in two or more locations
  • Family members who need special medical attention in a hospital or treatment center. (You must have documentation)

Guard/Reserve Options

Guard/Reserve enrollments work a little differently. Sponsors enroll separately because their military status may change.

  • The sponsor and family members enroll separately and pay two different premium payments.
  • The sponsor can only select a single plan.
  • Family members can enroll under a single or family plan.
  • The sponsor doesn’t have to have a plan for families to enroll.

Last Updated 4/27/2017

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