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TRICARE Transition Challenges in the West Region
We are aware of the customer service issues our patients are experiencing in the West Region. Learn more about how we are fixing these issues, including waiving our usual authorization process through March 18.

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Disenrolling from TRICARE Dental Program

You can disenroll from TRICARE Dental Program by completing a new TRICARE Dental Program Enrollment/Change Authorization Form.*

Your coverage ends depending on when your form is received. See below for more details.

Date Application Received  Coverage Ends 
December 21-January 20 February 1 
January 21-February 20 March 1 
February 21-March 20  April 1 
March 21-April 20  May 1 
April 21-May 20   June 1 
May 21-June 20  July 1 
June 21-July 20  August 1 
July 21-August 20   September 1 
August 21-September 20  October 1 
September 21-October 20  November 1 
October 21-November 20  December 1 
November 21-December 20  January 1 

* Must meet 12-month lock-in except under certain circumstances.

Last Updated 4/27/2017

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