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Covered Services

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Participating Network Dentists

To find a CONUS dentist, search the United Concordia network.

Non-Network Dentists

Dentists who haven’t signed a contract with United Concordia are non-network dentists. You can see non-network dentists, but:

  • You may be billed the full cost.
  • You must pay your cost share, plus the difference between United Concordia's allowance and the amount charged by the non-network dentist.
  • You may have to file your own claims.

TRICARE Overseas Preferred Dentists (TOPDs)

If you are overseas, use the OCONUS Find a Dentist Tool. TODPs will:

  • Not require you to pay their full charge at the time of service - only your applicable cost-share.
  • Complete and submit your claim submission documents to United Concordia.

Last Updated 5/1/2017

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