Active Duty Dental Program

The Active Duty Dental Program (ADDP) covers civilian dental care when you:

  • Get a referral to a civilian dentist from your military dental clinic
  • Live in a remote location  


  • Active duty service members
  • Guard/Reserve members:
    • On active duty orders
    • Issued delayed-effective-date orders (during pre-activation period)
    • Covered by the Transitional Assistance Management Program following activation for a contingency operation for more than 30 days 
  • Service members who need line of duty care
  • Foreign force members stationed in the U.S. whose country has a reciprocal agreement with the United States that authorizes dental care

To schedule appointments or if you have questions about getting care, contact the ADDP contractor, United Concordia.  

Referrals from Military Dental Clinics

If your local military dental clinic can't provide the care, they'll work with United Concordia and give you a referral to a civilian dentist.

Once you get your referral and Appointment Control Number from United Concordia, you have two ways to schedule your appointment:

  • Find a network dentist and book your appointment directly with the dentist, or
  • Call a Dental Care Finder at 1-866-984-2337 to book the appointment for you

Getting Dental Care When Traveling

If you live or work less than 50 miles from a dental clinic, you’re considered "non-remote."  You'll need a referral from your dental clinic, even for short trips.

If you’re on extended leave more than 50 miles from your dental clinic:

  • Call United Concordia at 1-866-984-2337 before seeing a dentist
  • Tell them about your extended leave status
  • You can get dental care from any network dentist
  • If you have a dental emergency while traveling more than 50 miles from a dental clinic:
  • Get care from any civilian dentist
  • Call United Concordia at 1-866-984-2337 to let them know about the treatment
  • You may not get follow-up care from a non-network dentist

If You Live and Work in Remote Areas

If you live or work more than 50 miles from a dental clinic, you're considered "remote" and can get civilian dental care while traveling. The dental care must meet ADDP program requirements.


If you're traveling overseas, call International SOS to schedule dental care.

Last Updated 9/3/2020