Deactivating? Learn About Your TRICARE Coverage Options as a National Guard or Reserve Member


You deactivate once you’re no longer on active duty as a National Guard or Reserve member. Deactivating is a TRICARE Qualifying Life Event. This means you have 90 days after your deactivation date to change your health plan. You and your family may be able to continue TRICARE coverage while you transition out of active duty service. Your coverage options will depend on if your time on active duty was for a preplanned mission or in support of a contingency operation. 

Health Coverage Options After Deactivation

If you were activatedCalled or ordered to active duty service for more than 30 days in a row. for more than 30 days for a preplanned mission or in support of a contingency operation, you and your family can purchase Transitional Assistance Management Program (TAMP) coverage. Keep in mind that it’s your service branch that determines if you’re eligible for TAMP, and not your TRICARE regional contractor. TAMP offers 180 days of health care coverage when transitioning to civilian life. If you qualify for TAMP, your coverage will start the first day after your active duty service ends.

During TAMP coverage, you and your eligible family members are automatically enrolled in TRICARE Select. But you may re-enroll in TRICARE Prime. You can re-enroll in TRICARE Prime any time prior to your TAMP coverage ending. You may also get line of duty (LOD) care for an injury, illness, or disease you got or that got worse in the line of duty, as described in the TRICARE Choices for National Guard and Reserve Handbook. LOD care is separate from, and not covered under TAMP coverage. LOD care is also not available for family members.    

When your TAMP coverage ends after the 180-day period, you have the below choices:

Coverage changes for your adult children when you deactivate as well. If you don’t have TAMP or TRS when you deactivate, your adult child won’t be able to remain eligible for and enrolled in TRICARE Young Adult. If this happens, the CHCBP is an option for your child. As stated in the TRICARE Plans Overview, CHCBP offers health coverage for 18 to 36 months after TRICARE eligibility or coverage ends.   

Pharmacy and Dental Coverage

You can get prescription drug coverage under TAMP, TRS, and CHCBP. You qualify for active duty dental benefits if you qualify for TAMP. When TAMP or active duty benefits end, your TRICARE Dental Program (TDP) coverage will automatically resume as long as you had TDP before. And if your family is enrolled in TDP during activation, they may continue coverage uninterrupted after deactivation. Remember that their premium payments will change back to their rates prior to your activation. If you weren’t enrolled in TDP before, you can do so anytime.

Before Leaving Active Duty: Schedule a Separation Health Assessment

Between 90 and 180 days before leaving active duty, you should schedule your Separation History and Physical Examination. You can get a Separation Health Assessment if you were on continuous active duty orders for either:

  • 180 days or more (outside of training)
  • For more than 30 days in support of a contingency operation

Visit Deactivating to learn more about health plans for you and your family. And check out TRICARE Choices for National Guard and Reserve Handbook for information to help you take command of your health.

At the time of posting, this information is current. For the most recent information, contact your TRICARE contractor or local military hospital or clinic.

Last Updated 10/14/2021