Join TRICARE for June 12 Q&A Facebook Event


Do you have questions about Qualifying Life Events(QLEs)? Not sure how QLEs can affect your TRICARE options? Here’s your chance to get some answers. Join TRICARE on Tuesday, June 12 at 3:15 p.m. (ET). The live Q&A session is on the TRICARE Facebook page.

Are you moving, separating from active duty, getting married, or having a baby? These are just a few examples of QLEs. Experiencing a QLE means your TRICARE options may also change..TRICARE QLEs include military and family-related changes.

Depending on your eligibility, a QLE allows you to enroll in or change your TRICARE health plan coverage outside of the annual open season. If you want to enroll in or change your plan, you must make the enrollment changes within 90 days following the QLE. You must also pay any enrollment fees or premiums due during that period. No matter when you initiate this change, coverage starts the date of the QLE and runs through Dec. 31 of that year, unless you lose eligibility or disenroll.

A QLE for one family member creates a QLE for all family members. This means all family members may switch enrollment plans when one person in the family has a QLE.

To learn more about how life changes may affect your TRICARE benefit, don’t miss the June 12 Q&A Facebook event. No registration required. All you have to do is join TRICARE online to post your QLE question.

During the Q&A, don’t post personally identifiable information, refer to any specific health condition, or use names of specific individuals. See more information about rules of engagement

Last Updated 2/11/2020