Using a DS Logon

Many TRICARE secure online patient services, including the MHS GENESIS and TOL patient portals, require a DS logon account through the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC). The DS Logon user ID and password ensures your personal and health information is secure while allowing you the convenience of online access to your health information and self-service tools.

To sign up* for a DS Logon account, visit the DS Logon Help Center.

TRICARE does not manage the DS Logon program. For technical issues and support with DS Logon, contact the DMDC Support Center at (800) 368-3665.

Levels of access

There are two different levels of access for DS Logon accounts: Basic and Premium. Each level has different requirements for identity verification and offers different access to health information.

  • DS Logon Basic (Level 1): This account provides limited access to benefits features. You can apply easily online and upgrade to a Premium account at any time by verifying your identity.
  • DS Logon Premium (Level 2): This account offers the highest level of access to website features and requires that you verify your identity. If you have a CAC card, you are automatically receive a Premium account.

* When signing up for a DS Logon account, you will be asked for personal and financial information to verify your identify as an added security measure to protect you and your health information.

Last Updated 2/15/2022