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Defense Health Agency

"On October 1, 2013, the Department of Defense established the Defense Health Agency (DHA) to manage the activities of the Military Health System. These activities include those previously managed by TRICARE Management Activity (TMA), which was disestablished on the same date. During the next several months, all TMA websites will change to reflect the new DHA. We appreciate your patience during this transition."

Data Management

Data Management
Defense Health Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (DHCAPE) staff develop and promote science based tools and methods for analyzing and benchmarking Military Healthcare System (MHS) health care, examine results to ensure accurate presentation and completeness and provide the ability to see the "big picture" by rapidly acquiring the background and knowledge needed to assist HA/TMA leadership in decision making.

Data Management is a product of data analysis and metrics designed for all levels of the MHS. Key aspects of Data Management that DHCAPE provides are:  

WISDOM - The “Working Information Systems to Determine Optimal Management (WISDOM)” course provides guidance for MHS managers, data analysts and policy makers in the use of MHS data in support of operational questions, management decisions and corporate goals.  

Functional Specifications – DHCAPE is responsible for the Functional Specifications of the MHS Data Repository (MDR) and MHS Mart (M2).  

Unified Biostatistical Utility (UBU) - DHCAPE Unified Biostatistical Utility (UBU) is responsible for the detailed work of the analysis required to standardize biostatistical data elements, definitions, data collection processes, procedure codes, diagnoses and algorithms across the Military Health System.  

TRICARE Operations Center (TOC) – The DHCAPE TOC is the premier healthcare information web portal for the Military Healthcare System (MHS) providing decision makers at all levels of the organization with meaningful, easy to use, web-based operational tools and reports.  

Geographic Reference Information (GRI) - The GRI provides search tools concerning healthcare regions, medical and military treatment facilities, and cost/workload classifications including the DMIS ID Table and Zip Code / Catchment Query Tool.