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Defense Health Agency

"On October 1, 2013, the Department of Defense established the Defense Health Agency (DHA) to manage the activities of the Military Health System. These activities include those previously managed by TRICARE Management Activity (TMA), which was disestablished on the same date. During the next several months, all TMA websites will change to reflect the new DHA. We appreciate your patience during this transition."

Award Notices above $25,000

You can view contract award notices with a value greater than $25,000 from this page. To view an award notice, select the contract award number.

On the specific award notice home page you may choose to register. Register to receive notification of updates to award notices. Should you choose to register, you must register as a "Visitor" a "Potential Offeror" (prime or subcontractor), or "Government". Click on "Register". You must register for each award notice if you wish to receive notifications. If you have any questions or problems with registration, please click here to request technical support.

Managed Care Support Services
Contract Award Notice Number/Title Date of Award
Not applicable at this time

Other Health Care/Support Services
Contract Award Notice Number/Title Date of Award
HT0011-14-C-0010 – Program Management Support 04/04/14
HT0011-13-C-0006 Procurement Support Branch Support 09/30/13
HT0011-13-F-0053 Enterprise Blood Management System (EBMS) 09/30/13
HT0011-13-P-0028 Licenses and Appropriate Software 09/27/13
HT0011-13-F-0046 DOEHRS-IH Fortify and Environmental Health System Incident Report(SIR) Resolution 09/27/13
HT0011-13-F-0043 Perinatal Information Program 09/27/13
HT0011-13-C-0040 CONUS Nurse Advise Line 09/26/13
HT9402-13-C-0007 - Comprehensive Healthcare Delivery System Services from Designated Providers 09/26/13
HT0011-13-C-0022 – DMMPO - Logistics Support 09/24/13
HT0011-13-F-0031 - TRO/TAO Program Support 09/24/13
HT0012-13-C-0008 - Medical Community of Interest (MED-COI) 09/11/13
HT0011-13-F-0028 MESOC Services 09/10/13
HT0011-13-C-0012 Healththeways Memberships 08/15/13
HT0011-13-C-0014 - ProSight Configuration Services for Pacific JITC Program 08/15/13
HT0011-13-F-0022 - E-Pregnancy and Parenting Bridge 07/30/13
HT0011-13-C-0008 - Designated Provider/US Family Health Plan - Data Support 07/30/13

Dental Services
Contract Award Notice Number/Title Date of Award
HT9402-13-D-0001 Active Duty Dental Program (ADDP) 11/26/13

Pharmacy Services
Contract Award Notice Number/Title Date of Award
HT0011-13-F-0023 - Pharmaceutical Operations Directorate Operations Administrative Services 09/16/13

Contract Award Notice Number/Title Date of Award
HT0011-14-R-0009 - IBM Rational Software 03/27/14
HT0012-13-F-0003 Medweb Software Maintenance Renewal 03/06/14
HT0011-14-C-0005 3 Month Bridge 02/20/14
HT0011-13-T-0032MHS Meeting Support Services 01/27/14
HT9402-14-A-0001 Court Reporter Services 12/09/13
HT0011-14-P-0001 HIMSS Membership Renewal 11/26/13
HT0012-14-F-0002 CA Lisa Software Suite 11/19/13
HT0011-13-P-0026 Request for Services and Materials to Furnish Subscriptions to Existing Pharmaceutical Publications and Advisories 09/30/13
HT0011-13-P-0027 Lektriever Maintenance 09/30/13
HT0011-13-C-0009 Wide Block Level Maintenance 09/30/13
HT0011-13-C-0001 LCS Hardware Refresh 09/30/13
HT0012-13-F-0009 - Development Test Center (DTC) and Development Test Environment (DTE) Hardware/Software Requirement 09/30/13
HT0012-13-C-0040 - DOD Development Test Center (DTC)/Development Test Environment (DTE) Cloud Infrastructure 09/30/13
HT0011-13-C-0019 Smoking Cessation 09/30/13
HT0012-13-F-0006 Systems Integration 09/27/13
HT0012-13-C-0011 - Department of Defense (DoD) / Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Integrated Program Office (IPO) Technical Management Subject Matter Expert (SME) Support Services 09/27/13
HT0012-13-C-0010 - Enterprise Architecture 09/27/13
HT0011-13-C-0030 - Informatica SW Maint 09/27/13
HT0011-13-F-0020 Military Health Integrated Delivery System (MHIDS) 09/26/13
HT0011-13-C-0021 HPI Support 09/20/13
HT0011-13-C-0018 MHS Transformation & Transitioning 09/20/13
HT0012-13-F-0007 - Oracle GlassFish licenses w/Software Updates & Support 09/20/13
HT0012-13-C-0010 - Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Data Federation Application Software Licenses & Maintenance Support 09/16/13
HT0012-13-C-0009 – VMware Software & Maintenance Support and Technical Support 09/16/13
HT0011-13-F-0029 - Oracle 10G 09/16/13
HT0011-13-C-0016 HRD program Management Support 09/10/13
HT9402-13-P-0029 – Vertical Carousel Maintenance 09/03/13
HT0011-13-C-0013 Certification & Accreditation Bridge 08/27/13
HT0012-13-C-0007 - Configuration Management 08/27/13
HT0011-13-C-0011 - MHS Governance Implementation Support - 8a Set-aside 08/15/13