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TRICARE Check Fraud Scam
Released:Jun 8, 2012
TRICARE Program Integrity has become aware of a Lottery Sweepstakes Scam in which fraudulent checks bearing the TRICARE name are being utilized.

ALERT: Unofficial TRICARE Web Sites
Released:Mar 3, 2010
Provides information related to privately hosted web sites that "appear" official, but ARE NOT operated by TRICARE or its contractors

ALERT: Arrest of Earl B. Bradley, M.D.
Released:Jan 14, 2010
The press release was issued by the Attorney General for the State of Delaware and concerns the arrest of Earl B. Bradley, M.D.

ALERT: ESI, TRICARE's Pharmacy Contractor, Reports Extortion
Released:Nov 12, 2008
ALERT: ESI, TRICARE's pharmacy contractor, reports Extortion Threat to Expose Personal Information of Members

ALERT: TRICARE PATIENTS TREATED AT Endoscopy Center of Souther Nevada
Released:Mar 7, 2008
News Article

Medical Identity Theft, Texas Physical Therapy Provider
Released:Jan 10, 2008
News release from the Attorney General regarding mishandleing of patient information (Protected Health Information).

SPECIAL ALERT - Robert Stokes and Quality of Care
Released:Dec 12, 2007
Kent County, Michigan Health Department news release related to the Robert Stokes indictment and quality of care concerns

TMA Program Integrity Office Battles Fraud
Released:Oct 29, 2007
Article from the TMA Public Affairs Offfice containing important information for beneficiaries about reporting fraud

Department of Justice Announces Aventis Settlement
Released:Sep 10, 2007
DOJ press release regarding the Aventis Pharmaceutical settlement

2007 TRICARE National Anti-Fraud Conference
(File is currently offline and cannot be viewed)
Released:May 22, 2007
Professional conference restricted to government and contractor program integrity staff. FInal attendance approval is reserved by TMA Program Integrity Office.

DOJ Announces Settlement with Purdue Frederick Company, Inc.
Released:May 11, 2007
Press release from the Western District of Virginia United States Attorney announcing the settlement with Purdue Frederick regarding Oxycontin (MS Contin).

Thomas Lutz Pleads Guilty
Released:Dec 13, 2006
United States Attorney's press release announcing Lutz' guilty plea

HHS Advisory Bulletin - Effects of Sanctioning Providers
Released:Nov 3, 2006
HHS article on the impact of sanctioning provders

Thomas Lutz and Health Visions Indictment
Released:Oct 18, 2006
DOJ press release for indictment against Thomas Lutz and Health Visions Corporation

United States v. Merrill
Released:May 31, 2006
News release for Merrill convistion

Bayview and Roxbury Pharmacy
Released:Aug 8, 2005
Guilty verdict

2005 TRICARE National Health Care Fraud Conference
Released:Mar 17, 2005
Flyer for the 2005 TRICARE National Health Care Fraud Conference. Conference Information

Rufino E. Buyao sentenced
Released:Jan 15, 2004

Jose L. Lopez pleas guilty
Released:Sep 17, 2003

Herman E. Wetsman, DO, guilty plea
Released:May 19, 2003

Chiu Lui agrees to pay $100,000
Released:May 9, 2003

Rufino E. Buyao pleas guilty
Released:Feb 1, 2003

William Lewis guilty plea
Released:Feb 4, 2002

Susanne M. Allen Indicted
Released:Dec 19, 2001

Bert Fish Medical Center enters into agreement
Released:Dec 14, 2001

Nightime Pediatrics Clinic civil settlement agreement reached
Released:Dec 12, 2001

Herbert A. Daniels convicted of healthcare fraud
Released:Dec 3, 2001

Rick Robison sentenced
Released:Nov 27, 2001

Respiratory Druggist, Inc., Richard B. Powell and Joanne T. Powell were sentenced
Released:Nov 15, 2001

Healthwise Medical Rehabilitation Center and Michael Concessi were sentenced
Released:Nov 14, 2001

Scott Hildago sentenced
Released:Nov 14, 2001

Eddy J. Hack, owner of Oncology Solutions, was sentenced
Released:Nov 13, 2001

Lifeline Home Health Care, Inc., enters into civil settlement agreement
Released:Oct 26, 2001

Rodolfo R. Seguban sentenced
Released:Oct 18, 2001

Karla and Eversley Haswell, former owners and operators of Valley Counseling were sentenced
Released:Oct 17, 2001

Suman Dewan, M.D., sentenced
Released:Oct 10, 2001

Jay R. Roffman, former owner of Esoteric Testing Laboratory, enters into plea agreement
Released:Oct 4, 2001

Eileen B. Aird former president of LifeChem Laboratories, Inc., sentenced
Released:Sep 26, 2001

David Jett sentenced
Released:Sep 19, 2001

Grace Hospital
Released:Aug 24, 2001

John A. Campa, III, M.D., Sentenced
Released:Aug 24, 2001

Caritas Medical Group, Inc.
Released:Aug 21, 2001

Richard and Ernestine Markoll and Bio-Medical Therapy System were sentenced
Released:Aug 14, 2001

Samuel E. Wahba, pharmacist and owner of Sam’s Drug and Medical, was found guilty
Released:Aug 10, 2001

Rick A. Shacker indicted
Released:Aug 9, 2001

Steven K. Brooks Sentenced
Released:Aug 9, 2001

Suman Dewan pled guilty to one count of healthcare fraud
Released:Aug 1, 2001

HealthWise Medical Rehab Ctr., Michael J. Concessi
Released:Jul 19, 2001

Joseph S. Olstein
Released:Jul 18, 2001

Dr. Lucia Pinon Quintana indicted
Released:Jul 11, 2001

Respiratory Druggist, Inc., Richard B. Powell and Joann T. Powell pled guilty
Released:Jun 28, 2001

Romulado N. Garcia was Sentenced
Released:Jun 22, 2001

Jack Campo, d/b/a Staff Builders Health Care Services, Sentenced
Released:Jun 12, 2001

Eileen B. Aird, former president of LifeChem Laboratories, Inc., pled guilty
Released:Jun 11, 2001

James P. Kalhorn, D.D.S., was sentenced
Released:Jun 1, 2001

Drs. Kosmas Sarantis and Bipin Patel were indicted
Released:May 24, 2001

Carol Doggette, owner of Coastal Outpatient Services, sentenced
Released:May 18, 2001

Healthsouth Corporation enters into settlement agreement
Released:May 18, 2001

Richard and Ernestine Markoll and Bio-Medical Therapy System pled guilty
Released:May 18, 2001

Lawrence Edwin Crumbliss Sentenced
Released:May 17, 2001

Mercy HealthCare Sacramento and Catholic HealthCare West reached a settlement agreement
Released:May 16, 2001

Suman Dewan Indicted
Released:May 3, 2001

Samiha Mitwally, President of Medi-Path Medical Laboratory, was sentenced
Released:Apr 26, 2001

Floyd Joseph Warwick, Jr., sentenced
Released:Apr 25, 2001

Healthwise Medical Rehabilitation Center and Michael Concessi indicted
Released:Apr 25, 2001

Samir Najjar sentenced
Released:Apr 24, 2001

Whitney B. Freeman sentenced
Released:Apr 24, 2001

Community Clinical Laboratory
Released:Apr 20, 2001

Dr. Bipin Patel sentenced
Released:Apr 19, 2001

John A. Campa, III, M.D., Enters Guilty Plea
Released:Apr 17, 2001

Jose E. Grau was Sentenced
Released:Mar 27, 2001

Fred Leslie sentenced
Released:Mar 23, 2001

Rumolo D. Estoesta Sentenced
Released:Mar 20, 2001

Russell Bufalino and Robert Hartzell were sentenced
Released:Mar 16, 2001

Steven Carl Bradley and Robert Todd Willis Sentenced
Released:Mar 15, 2001

Dr. John O'Donnell sentenced
Released:Mar 5, 2001

Forrest H. Braack Indicted
Released:Mar 1, 2001

Romulado N. Garcia arrested in the Republic of the Philippines
Released:Feb 3, 2001

Genesee Valley Cardiothoracic Group Administrative Settlement
Released:Feb 1, 2001

Rogelio Taaca Rosario sentenced
Released:Jan 30, 2001

Aurelio Jimenez, owner of Kokomo Podiatry Clinic, pled guilty
Released:Jan 26, 2001

Columbia Homecare Group, Inc., and Columbia Management Companies, Inc., pleaded guilty
Released:Jan 25, 2001

Dr. Kosmas Sarantis sentenced
Released:Jan 25, 2001

Rehabilicare, Inc., civil settlement
Released:Jan 23, 2001

Whitney B. Freeman pled guilty
Released:Jan 23, 2001

Ernesto V. Magoncia was sentenced
Released:Jan 22, 2001

Urology Consultants, Dr. Steven K. Brooks, and Dr. Elias Jacobo pled guilty
Released:Jan 12, 2001

Columbia HCA sentenced
Released:Jan 11, 2001

Shahariar Ekbatan pled guilty
Released:Jan 8, 2001

Herbert A. Daniels Indicted
Released:Jan 7, 2001

Magnetic Therapy Center, PC, pled guilty
Released:Jan 3, 2001

Danny M. Corpuz Sentenced
Released:Dec 19, 2000

Lifescan, Inc., pled guilty
Released:Dec 15, 2000

Columbia/HCA agrees to guilty plea
Released:Dec 14, 2000

Forrest H. Braack Civil Complaint
Released:Dec 14, 2000

Steven Carl Bradley Convicted
Released:Dec 5, 2000

Carol Doggette, owner of Coast
Released:Nov 9, 2000

Michael N. Baker Civil Settlement
Released:Nov 8, 2000

Nasser Ordoubadi M.D., Kelly Jorgensen, Robert Sorenson, and Robin Andres were sentenced
Released:Oct 27, 2000

Peter Jannace indicted
Released:Oct 3, 2000

Brij K. Mitwally, President of Medi-Path Medical Laboratory, plead guilty
Released:Sep 19, 2000

Lannes N. Johnson, former laboratory manager of Mid America Clinical Laboratories, was sentenced
Released:Sep 15, 2000

New England Health Associates, Inc.
Released:Sep 13, 2000

Douglas Colkitt, owner and operator of Equimed Inc. (formerly Oncology Assoc., P.C.) civil settlment
Released:Sep 8, 2000

Steven S. McLemore sentenced
Released:Sep 6, 2000

Joel J. Lang, Podiatrist, pled guilty
Released:Aug 30, 2000

John A. Campa, III, M.D., Indicted
Released:Aug 22, 2000

Arthritis Pain Center setenced
Released:Aug 18, 2000

Samir Najjar plead guilty
Released:Aug 10, 2000

Frances Carr Casper Sentenced
Released:Aug 8, 2000

Nasser Ordoubadi enters guilty plea
Released:Aug 4, 2000

Dialysis Holdings Laboratory Services, Inc., Settlement Agreement
Released:Aug 2, 2000

Gambro Healthcare Laboratory Services, Inc., Settlement Agreement
Released:Aug 2, 2000

Dr. Ira Liss sentenced
Released:Jul 28, 2000

Lawrence Edwin Crumbliss Indicted
Released:Jul 25, 2000

Dr. Allen Lee Paris convicted of submitting false claims
Released:Jul 21, 2000

William Mack Final Judgement signed
Released:Jul 19, 2000

Bio-Medical Therapy System and Richard and Ernestine Markoll were sentenced
Released:Jun 28, 2000

John Stewart, owner of Allergy Clinic, was sentenced
Released:Jun 8, 2000

Barbara Reuter of Reuter and Associates, Center for Treatment & Recovery, pled guilty
Released:May 22, 2000

Arthritis Pain Center, Inc., pled guilty
Released:May 19, 2000

Robin Andres guilty plea
Released:May 18, 2000

Central Ambulance Services, Anthony and Margaret Savito were each Sentenced
Released:Apr 28, 2000

Edward Carlton Plead Guilty to One Count Criminal Indictment
Released:Apr 27, 2000

Christine L. Warren, President of Consultants in Nutritional Services, Inc., was sentenced
Released:Apr 18, 2000

Brij K. Mittal found guilty
Released:Apr 17, 2000

John M. Sutherland and Kelly Morris plead guilty
Released:Apr 17, 2000

Owen McCarthy, M.D., Dorthia McCarthy and Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine civil complaint
Released:Apr 17, 2000

Michael Anderson Indicted
Released:Apr 14, 2000

Herbert A. Daniels second superseding indictment returned
Released:Apr 12, 2000

Dr. Joseph S. Olstein indicted
Released:Apr 11, 2000

William Liebman charged with diluting child vaccines
Released:Dec 8, 1999

Richard J Anderson accepts guilty pleas and is sentenced
Released:Aug 25, 1999

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