TRICARE Plus is a program that allows beneficiaries who normally are only able to get care at military hospitals and clinics on a space-available basis, to enroll at the military hospital or clinic for primary care only. 

  • TRICARE Plus is only available at some military hospitals and clinics
  • The local Commander may limit enrollment to specific categories of beneficiaries. 

Contact a military hospital or clinic near you to see if TRICARE Plus is offered and if you can participate. Enrollment into TRICARE Plus at one military facility does not automatically extend TRICARE Plus enrollment to another. 

TRICARE Plus alone doesn't provide the minimum essential coverage you're required to have under the Affordable Care Act.  

  • If you enroll in TRICARE Plus and you're only eligible for care at the military hospital or clinic where you're enrolled, you don't have minimum essential coverage.
  • If you have TRICARE Plus in addition to TRICARE Standard or TRICARE For Life, then you have minimum essential coverage under TRICARE Standard or TRICARE For Life.

Eligible Beneficiaries

Enrollment in TRICARE Plus is available to:

  • Dependent parents
  • Dependent parents-in-law
  • Beneficiaries using any of the following health plan options:
    • TRICARE Standard and Extra
    • TRICARE Standard Overseas
    • TRICARE For Life

TRICARE Plus is not available to beneficiaries enrolled in a TRICARE Prime option, a civilian HMO, or Medicare HMO.

Getting Care

TRICARE Plus is not a "health plan option" like TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Standard, but rather, a way to access primary care at the military hospital or clinic where you are enrolled. When enrolled in TRICARE Plus, you have access to primary care appointments with the same priority as Prime-enrolled beneficiaries. Your enrollment in TRICARE Plus will be reflected in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, but you can still get care as you normally would through your regular TRICARE plan.  

  • TRICARE Plus does not guarantee access to specialty care at the military hospital or clinic.
  • You may still get care from TRICARE-authorized providers. 
  • TRICARE For Life benefits are not affected by enrollment in the TRICARE Plus program. 
    • Having Medicare Part B is not a requirement to use TRICARE Plus. However, because specialty care at the military hospital or clinic is not guaranteed, you should have Medicare Part B so you can use TRICARE For Life with a civilian provider.    

Note: You should NOT move non-command-sponsored family members overseas based solely on the potential availability of TRICARE Plus.


There are no costs associated with the primary care you receive at the military hospital or clinic where you are enrolled in TRICARE Plus, but if you are referred to a civilian provider, your regular cost shares will apply.

Last Updated 10/23/2013