The Difference a Day Can Make


Every year, on 31 May, World Health Organization (WHO) and partners everywhere mark World No Tobacco Day to bring attention to the health risks associated with tobacco use and encourage less tobacco consumption. On this day, TRICARE beneficiaries are encouraged to give up tobacco for 24 hours and begin a quit plan.  Many people find it difficult to stop smoking, but those who participate in a tobacco cessation program, like Quit Tobacco Make Everyone Proud, are twice as likely to succeed.

Tobacco users have an increased risk of lung, throat and oral cancers, heart disease, stroke and several other serious health conditions but the benefits of quitting start almost immediately. Twenty minutes after quitting, blood pressure decreases. In another eight hours, carbon monoxide levels in the body return to normal and mucus clears from the lungs. One day after quitting, the risk of heart attack decreases.

Quit Tobacco Make Everyone Proud provides free resources and support for TRICARE beneficiaries who want to quit. This program offers 24-hour counseling services online and over the phone. Eligible beneficiaries can talk with a trained coach to develop a quit plan, find local support centers and military treatment facilities (MTFs), and get information about prescription and other cessation aids. For more information go to or talk with your primary care provider.

On World No Tobacco Day make plans to stay active and busy to avoid cravings for tobacco and spend time with friends and family who don’t smoke. Use the Quit Tobacco tools and resources to calculate how much money could be saved by quitting, learn more about the negative health effects of tobacco use, or chat with a coach for one on one support.

A tobacco free day can become a tobacco free life with help and support. On World No Tobacco Day encourage friends and loved ones to develop a quit plan of their own. Getting help is a good step towards quitting.  See the difference a day of being tobacco free can make. For more information, go to

Last Updated 9/30/2013