TRICARE Young Adult Monthly Premiums

To participate, you must pay monthly premiums. TRICARE Young Adult premium rates are adjusted annually on a calendar year basis.

2013 Monthly Rate
(Through December 2013)
2014 Monthly Rate
(Beginning January 2014)
  • Prime Option: $176 per month
  • Standard Option: $152 per month
  • Prime Option: $180 per month
  • Standard Option: $156 per month

Initial Premium Payment

The initial two-month premium payment can be paid by personal check, cashier's check, money order (made payable to your regional contractor or US Family Health Plan Provider), or credit/debit card.

Ongoing Premium Payments

After the initial payment, premiums must be paid in advance electronically through a checking or savings account funds transfer or an automatic debit/credit card charge.

Premiums may be adjusted annually. Visit your regional contractor's website to learn about payment options:

Last Updated 4/14/2014

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