TRICARE Young Adult

TRICARE Young Adult is a premium-based health care plan that adult dependent children who qualify can purchase. If you qualify, you have three ways to purchase TRICARE Young Adult:

  1. By Phone
  2. By Fax
  3. In the Mail

Call Your Regional Contractor

You can call your regional contractor to enroll and set up your electronic payment:

  • North—Health Net: 1-877-874-2273
  • South—Humana Military: 1-800-444-5445
  • West—UnitedHealthcare: 1-877-988-9378
  • Overseas—Telephonic enrollment not currently available.

If you want to select the Prime Option at a US Family Health Plan site, call 1-800-748-7347.

Fax or Mail Your TRICARE Young Adult Application

To fax or mail your application, start by downloading the application for your region where you live.

Mail or fax the completed form and initial two-month premium-payment to your regional contractor or US Family Health Plan Provider, whichever applies.

  • Mailing addresses and fax numbers are found on the form.
  • Make checks or money orders for the initial premium payable to your regional contractor or US Family Health Plan Provider.

Selecting the Prime or Standard Option

Follow the guidelines below when completing the form if you fax or mail your application:

  • Select "TRICARE Standard" to use the Standard Option; this includes dependents of sponsors enrolled in TRICARE Reserve Select and TRICARE Retired Reserve.
  • Select "TRICARE Prime" to use the Prime Option; only active duty family members can select the Prime option in remote areas.
  • Select "TRICARE Overseas Prime" to use the Prime Option in all overseas areas (remote or non-remote). Only command-sponsored children of active duty service members can select this box.
  • Select "US Family Health Plan" to choose the US Family Health Plan as your Prime Option; only available in six geographic areas, learn more.

Getting Started With TRICARE Young Adult

  • After your application is processed, you'll get a welcome letter and wallet card.
  • Your TRICARE Young Adult start date is printed on the wallet card.
  • Keep a copy of your application until you get your enrollment card.
  • If you need care before getting your card, contact your regional contractor to verify your TRICARE Young Adult start date.

For details about your coverage, download the handbook for the option you select when you enroll. You can also request a copy from your regional contractor:

Need a new ID card?

You can enroll in TRICARE Young Adult without a valid ID card. Once your application is processed, and you’ve received your welcome letter and enrollment card, please visit any ID card office to get a new ID card. You should present your ID card and enrollment card when you go to the doctor.

Go Paperless!

If you’re registered on MilConnect, you can sign up to get eCorrespondence. When you do, we’ll notify you by email when your enrollment is active and you can download your enrollment card.

Last Updated 4/4/2014

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