TRICARE Reserve Select Monthly Premiums

TRICARE Reserve Select premium rates are established annually on a calendar year basis.

2013 Monthly Rate
(Through December 2013)
2014 Monthly Rate
(Beginning January 2014)
  • Member Only: $51.62 per month
  • Member and Family: $195.81 per month
  • Member Only: $51.68 per month
  • Member and Family: $204.29 per month

Initial Premium Payment

You must submit an initial two-month premium payment with your completed form to begin coverage. The initial premium payment can be paid by check, money order or cashier's check (payable to the regional contractor), or by debit/credit card (Visa/MasterCard).

Ongoing Premium Payments

After the initial premium payment, premium payments are only accepted by automatic payment via electronic funds transfer (EFT) or recurring debit/credit card (Visa/MasterCard). Your regional contractor will automatically process your premium payments on the 1st business day of the month for the current month of coverage.

  • You may be charged a fee of up to $20.00 for insufficient or unavailable funds.
  • Failure to pay any overdue premium amounts will result in suspension of coverage effective the last day of the month last paid.

Click on your region to learn more about your payment options:

Last Updated 9/20/2013