Overseas Online Claims Submission

If you are filing claims overseas with International SOS, you can file your claims online through the Secure Messaging Mailbox. Once you're registered at www.tricare-overseas.com for secure services with International SOS, follow these steps to submit your claims online:

  • Log into the Beneficiary Portal on www.tricare-overseas.com
  • Click "Send/View Secured Message" (found in the "Contact Customer Service" section)
  • Click "New Message"
  • Choose "Other" as the subject of your message
  • Enter "New Claim" as your message subject description
  • Enter the details about your claims in the additional fields that appear with the "Other" subject
  • Include the following information in the "Question/Issue" field:
    • Provider name
    • Total billed amount of the claim
    • Dates of service
    • Any other information you feel is necessary
  • Scan and attach your claim documents and bills to the secure e-mail message
  • Click "Send" to submit your claim.

Note: Attachments can only be a maximum file size of 5MB each and must be in a specific attachment type to be sent through secured messaging. The secure claims submission portal includes details and guidelines about these formatting requirements.

Online Training for Filing Claims

International SOS offers online training to submit your claims online. To access the course, launch the Computer-Based Training Module at the bottom left-hand side of the Beneficiaries’ landing page at www.tricare-overseas.com/beneficiaries.htm.  

Automated Direct Deposit Now Available!

Now, you  can sign up to get your claim reimbursement through direct deposit. >>Learn More

Last Updated 12/15/2015

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