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File and Check a Medical Claim

Follow the steps below to file and check the status of your claims.

  • Keep a copy of all paperwork for your records.
  • If you need help, call your regional contractor.

1. Fill out the TRICARE Claim Form

2. Include a Copy of the Provider's Bill 

Attach a readable copy of the provider's bill to the claim form, making sure it contains the following:

  • Sponsor's Social Security Number (SSN) or Department of Defense Benefits Number (DBN) (eligible former spouses should use their SSN)
  • Provider's name and address (if more than one provider's name is on the bill, circle the name of the person who treated you)
  • Date and place of each service
  • Description of each service or supply furnished
  • Charge for each service
  • Diagnosis (if the diagnosis is not on the bill, be sure to complete block 8a on the form)

3. Submit the Claim

  • Mail your completed claim form to the claims address for your claims processor.
  • If filing a claim overseas, you can submit your claim online. >>Learn More

4. Check the Status of Your Claims

To keep track of your claims online, you'll need to register on your claim processor's site:

Once registered, you can also:

  • Look up your deductibles and your out-of-pocket expenses
  • Update your other health insurance information
  • View your explanations of benefits online
Claims for Same-Sex Spouses

Once your spouse shows as eligible for benefits in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS), he or she can file claims for care received:

  • On or after June 26, 2013—if married before June 26, 2013, or 
  • Back to the date of eligibility in DEERS—if married after June 26, 2013.

Last Updated 6/19/2015

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Send Claims To:

Health Net Federal Services
P.O. Box 870140
Surfside Beach, SC 29587-9740

Check Claim Status

Send Claims To:

TRICARE South Region Claims Department
P.O. Box 7031
Camden, SC 29021-7031

Check Claim Status

Send Claims To:
TRICARE West Region
Claims Department
P.O. Box 7064
Camden, SC  29021-7064

Check Claim Status

Filing TRICARE For Life Claims

(In the U.S. & U.S. Territories)

P.O. Box 7890
Madison, WI 53707-7890

Check Claim Status

Overseas Claims Assistance

International SOS

Check Claims Status

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