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Loss of Eligibility

When you lose eligibility for TRICARE:

  • Each member of your family will get a termination notice telling you that you're no longer covered by TRICARE.
  • You also lose your minimum essential coverage, so you'll need to make some decisions about your health care.

If you don’t have new minimum essential coverage before your TRICARE or transitional benefits end, then you may have to pay a fee to the Internal Revenue Service for each month you don’t have minimum essential coverage.

Do I still need a Certificate of Creditable Coverage?

Starting January 1, 2015, you don't need a certificate of creditable coverageA document that shows your prior health care coverage when you lose eligibility for TRICARE. For tax year 2015, The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) will report your health care coverage to the IRS. You will get IRS Form 1095 which documents minimum essential coverage for you and your family members. >>Learn More

Last Updated 1/2/2015

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