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Web-Based Materials

All TRICARE beneficiaries can get smoking and smokeless tobacco cessation support through DoD's comprehensive website, The site offers interactive, Web-based tobacco cessation training, real-time live encouragement with trained tobacco cessation coaches, quit plan and calendar, text quit tips, savings calculator, games, and much more.

Train2Quit and Beat the Odds

Web-based interventions have the potential to more than double long-term abstinence rates. Train2Quit is a new, online support system that prepares tobacco users to quit for good, using interactive components such as quit tools, self-assessment questionnaires, quizzes, and activities. The system features a customizable quit plan that will show individuals how to beat cravings, overcome weight gain, and cope with the effects of nicotine withdrawal. A self-paced system, Train2Quit provides users the knowledge and confidence needed to effectively quit tobacco.

Quit Plan and Calendar

You can create your own personal, step-by-step quit plan strategy, complete with a calendar to track progress and record the milestones of quitting. You will identify your own reasons for quitting, get tips on how to pick a quit date, find out how to overcome triggers, and rally support from friends and family.

Live Chat to Answer Your Questions

Within minutes, you can get your own personal quit coach who will answer your questions about quitting smoking and chewing tobacco and how to stay quit. Live chat is confidential and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays, to help you keep your quit plan on track.

Text Messages to Keep You Motivated

You can sign up for SmokefreeMIL, a free, 24/7 text messaging program that provides support leading up to your quit date, during your worst cravings and even after you’ve quit smoking for good! Standard text messaging rates from your wireless carrier may apply.

Calculator to Add Up Your Savings

See how much money you will save when you finally quit smoking or chewing tobacco. You'll be amazed and motivated when you see the amount of extra cash you would have if you weren't spending your hard-earned money on tobacco.

Games to Overcome Cravings

Our free games are a great distraction when you crave that cigarette or chew. Since most cravings last only 3-5 minutes, you can play these fun games to help get you through those difficult moments, or just anytime. We feature Texas Hold'em Poker, Kiss Me You Fool, Forgotten Treasures, Word Challenge, and Avatar.

Blogs, Articles, and More

DoD's also provides medication information, news articles, podcasts, RSS feeds, widget updates, and special monthly features. Users have the opportunity to exchange information through the site's blog and electronic bulletin board or link to the campaign's Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube pages.

Last Updated 7/24/2013