Bread Crumbs


When sponsors are deployed, it's important for family members to know what TRICARE plan they're using and how to get care. Before deploying, sponsors should:

  • Leave a copy of their orders
  • Prepare a Power of Attorney
  • Fill out paperwork so family members can get copies of medical records and personal health information
  • Make necessary financial arrangements (allotments, automatic bill paying, etc.)

Update DEERS

  • Keep family member information updated in DEERS at all times
  • Show your spouse how to make changes in DEERS in your absence
  • Get identification (ID) cards updated if they're about to expire


  • Make a list of important phone numbers
    • Primary care manager or provider to call for appointments
    • Regional contractor
    • Emergency room
  • Review your family's TRICARE plan information so they know how to get care in your absence
  • Discuss how and where prescriptions can be filled

Last Updated 4/16/2014