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National Guard and Reserve members are "activated" when they're called to active duty for more than 30 consecutive days. When activated:

  • The sponsor is eligible for active duty benefits
  • Family members are covered as "active duty family members"

Your Health Plan Options

When you get to your final duty station, you'll enroll in one of the TRICARE Prime options:

Family members may qualify to enroll in one of these options depending on where they live when you're activated, but they can also use the following plans:

If you have an adult child using TRICARE Young Adult, their coverage won't change when you're activated.

Are you currently using TRICARE Reserve Select?

TRICARE Reserve Select coverage will end when you're activated:

  • You'll get a refund for any premium amounts paid beyond your end date.
  • If you re-quality for TRICARE Reserve Select when you deactivate, you can purchase it again.

Dental Coverage

Do you have delayed-effective-date orders?

If yes, then you qualify for the "early eligibility" pre-activation benefit:

  • Coverage begins up to 180 days before you report to active duty.
  • Includes pharmacy and dental care.
  • Family members are also covered during this pre-activation period.
  • Benefits continue when active duty service begins.

If you don't meet early eligibility requirements, coverage for you and your family begins on the first day of your orders.

Last Updated 7/21/2014

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