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Sponsor Dies

You can continue to use TRICARE even if your sponsor dies. Your plan and costs depend on:

  • Your sponsor's military status when he or she died
  • If you're a spouse or a child

Spouses can keep TRICARE unless they remarry. Review the scenarios in the chart below for more information:

If your sponsor was ...  Then ... 

On active duty

Spouses are covered as active duty family members for three years. After three years, coverage changes to be the same as retired family members. Children remain covered as active duty family members until they age out or lose TRICARE for other reasons. >>Learn more


Your coverage won't change. >>Learn More

A Guard or Reserve member

Your benefits are determined by your sponsor's status when he or she died. >>Learn More

Are you an adult child you may qualify for TRICARE Young Adult?

You may be able to purchase TRICARE Young Adult when you turn 21 (or 23 if a full-time student) if:

  • You aren't married
  • You don't have your own employer-sponsored health insurance
  • Your sponsor had TRICARE (as described above) when he or she died
Did your active duty sponsor die before October 7, 2001?

Surviving children are eligible for TRICARE, just not with the same coverage as active duty family members. Instead, children have the same health plan options and costs as retired family members.

Last Updated 11/16/2015