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Network Providers

The regional contractors have established provider networks in each region.

Network providers have signed a contract with your regional contractor and: 

  • Will accept a negotiated rate as payment in full
  • Will file claims so you don't have to
  • Won't ask you to sign any documents to make you pay amounts above your copayment or cost share. If this happens, contact your regional contractor or your TRICARE Regional Office.

What This Means To You

  • You'll pay less out-of-pocket
  • You'll only have to pay your cost share to the provider.
  • Your provider will collect the rest of the amount directly from TRICARE.

When You'll See Network Providers

If enrolled in TRICARE Prime or the TRICARE Young Adult-Prime Option:

  • Your primary care manager is a network provider if you're not enrolled at a military hospital or clinic 
  • You'll be referred to network providers in your region for specialty care if you can't be seen at a military hospital or clinic.

If enrolled TRICARE Prime Remote, you'll see a network provider if there are any in your remote location.

If using TRICARE Standard and Extra, TRICARE Reserve Select or TRICARE Retired Reserve, you'll pay less for care received from network providers but you're not required to use network providers. 

Interested in Becoming a Provider?

If you are interested in becoming a TRICARE provider, visit the Information for Providers page.

Last Updated 7/1/2015