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Eye Exams for Retirees, Their Families and All Others

Your eye exam coverage depends on which plan you're using if you are:

  • A retired service member
  • A family member of a retiree
  • Covered by retiree benefits, including a Medal of Honor recipients and survivors

Your TRICARE Plan Eye Exam Coverage


TRICARE Young Adult - Prime

Routine eye exams every two years
US Family Health Plan    Routine eye exams once a year

TRICARE Standard and Extra

TRICARE Standard Overseas

TRICARE Young Adult - Standard

TRICARE for Life

Not covered

  • Children up to age six in any plan can get well-child eye exams
  • TRICARE covers ophthalmic services, which include an eye exam and other specialized services

TRICARE Prime Enrollees

You can get eye exams from a TRICARE-authorized Optometrist An optometrist is considered a “primary eye care provider.” Optometrists focus on regular vision services (eye exams, screenings, etc.) and can prescribe drugs, rehabilitation, eyeglasses and contact lenses. or Ophthalmologist An ophthalmologist is considered a “specialist” so you will need a referral and/or authorization, depending on your health plan option. Ophthalmologists provide regular vision services (like an optometrist) but they also provide medical and surgical services for your eyes..

  • Network provider: No referral needed
  • Non-network provider: If you don't have a referral from your primary care manager, you'll be using the point-of-service option

US Family Health Plan Enrollees

You can find your eye doctor online. Just choose your plan from this list:

Check with your plan to see if it offers enhanced vision benefits or discounts for lenses.

Last Updated 7/2/2014

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