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Health Information at the Click of a Mouse


TRICARE beneficiaries who regularly get their care at military clinics and hospitals can download a summary of their personal health data including lab results, medications, allergies and problem lists from the TOL – Secure Department of Defense Patient Portal in a continuity of care document (CCD) format. The new CCD is available via the TOL Blue Button at

The CCD is an industry standard and is easy to share with other health care systems like RelayHealth and Microsoft Health Vault. Patients can download TOL Blue Button data into a CCD and share it with any health care system capable of accepting the file, including non-DoD health care systems. The CCD guarantees the complete and accurate transfer of Blue Button health data.

Patients can download CCD data to their computers and upload it to their personal health record.  In some cases, it may not be possible to read the actual CCD data on a personal computer because of the file type, but the information can downloaded as a PDF.

To take advantage of the CCD, patients need to go to and log in to their accounts. Once there they need to:

  • Click “Blue Button”
  • Click “Blue Button Download My Data”
  • Select the data types and date range to down; click “Save as CCD”
  • In the dialog box, select “Save File,” select the location and click “OK”

More information about the CCD and how to upload it to a personal health record is available on the TOL secure patient portal at

Last Updated 6/8/2015