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TRICARE Young Adult Costs

TRICARE Young Adult costs are based on three things:

  • Which option you choose: Prime or Standard
  • Your sponsor's military status
  • Where you'll get care

Monthly Premiums

The current monthly premiums through December 31, 2016 are:

  • Prime - $306 per month
  • Standard - $228 per month

Cost Shares and Copayments

Once you choose Prime or Standard, your costs depend on your sponsor's military status and the type of provider you see:

If you get care at a military hospital or clinic, any type of care usually costs $0. If you enroll in TRICARE Young Adult Prime, you will have the same priorities for care as other TRICARE Prime enrollees there. If you enroll in TRICARE Young Adult Standard, you can only get care at a military hospital or clinic when they have space available.

Last Updated 1/11/2016